Karajun - World Natural Heritage
    Natural high-quality air grassland, clear, fairyland, fantasy paradise!
    Address:Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Tekes County
    Recommendation Season:|Spring|Summer|
  • XJTA
    Bayanbulak - World Natural Heritage
    The grassland in the dream.
    Address:Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture Hejing County
    Recommendation Season:|Summer|Autumn|
  • XJTA
    God's back garden, the Pure Land left by God; Oriental Switzerland, photographer paradise!
    Address:Altay Prefecture Burqin County
    Recommendation Season:|Autumn|Winter|
  • Sayram Lake
    The blue fairy that blooms in the Tianshan mountains.
    Address:Bortala Mongol Autonomous Prefecture Bole City
    Special Label:|Self Driving Tour|Relax on Holidays|Photography|Festival Convention|
    Recommendation Season:
    Scenic Level:4A
  • Kuerdening-World Natural Heritage
    The spruce of the snow-capped mountains decorates the green valley, and the blue sky and white clouds are woven into canvas.
    Address:Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture Gongliu County
    Special Label:|Ecological Tourism|Photography|
    Recommendation Season:|Spring|Summer|Autumn|
    Scenic Level:4A
  • Tuomuer Peak - World Natrual Heritage
    The glacier stands like a jade
    Address:Aksu Prefecture Wensu County
    Special Label:|Ecological Tourism|Photography|Special Adventure|Outdoor Exercise|
    Recommendation Season:|Summer|
    Scenic Level:Other